Worst Fitness Mistakes My Patients Make

Worst Fitness Mistakes My Patients Make

As a board certified family medicine doctor with a special interest in sports medicine, I’ve seen and treated countless musculoskeletal injuries. I’ve talked and guided patients through beginning workout regimens. Not everybody wants to or even needs to lose weight. But for the people who are trying to lose weight, they often fall into the trap of thinking that exercise is the end all and be all of weight loss. Unfortunately, it’s not. 70 to 80% of the weight loss that occurs happens as a result of the foods that you take in. It’s ideal to think about your weight loss journey in a holistic view, meaning that you should be thinking about recovery, sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

I’ve created a list of Top 10 Beginner Mistakes in Fitness Routines right here for you.

You can not just concentrate on one pillar and anticipate the aggregate to grow. The biggest fitness myth of all time is spot reduction. It does not live. It’s been tested over and over again. You have to suppose about your nutrition, your exercise as a whole in order to drop your whole body fat content in order to see further muscular description. This actually has been tested in some really unique ways. Looking at tennis players, their dominant forearm muscles in comparison to theirnon-dominant hand, guess what? A lot further muscle in their dominant hand, a lot lower muscle in their lower dominant hand, fat content, exactly the same. It’s inconceivable what I see when I walk into a spa, the exercises that some people are doing and awaiting to get results from .

The simpler your workouts are, the more likely you are to see long-term success. I’m talking about mixing in some cardio with some good old fashioned compound weightlifting movements. That’s all you really need. And just cause I’m saying keep it simple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have variety to your workouts. I love variety in my workouts. I’ll rock climb, box, play basketball, soccer, weightlift. There’s so many ways to get your physical activity in.

As long as you’re doing that, your routine really doesn’t matter for beginner and just to stay healthy, of course. YThere’s such a small percentage of change that occurs as a result of adding supplements to your workouts. And it’s probably not worth even thinking about it so early on. And a very specific warning I’d like to throw out there is when it comes to pre-workouts.

These are usually loaded with caffeine and too many people take them close to bedtime which destroys your sleep, destroys your recovery. So your pre-workout is destroying your post-workout gains. And if you do need a caffeine boost for a workout in the morning, just have a cup of coffee or an espresso. You don’t have to go for a pre-workout.

This one, I see happen so often in gyms. When you’re walking on a treadmill, running on a treadmill, using an elliptical, do not hold the static grips. Because essentially, what you’re doing is decreasing the intensity of the workout, meaning lower calories burn. You’re decreasing the strain on your core making your core weaker, hurting your posture. And if you’re creating an incline for your treadmill, by holding on, you’re actually decreasing that incline.

So many advantages to letting your grip lighten up on the ones machines. When it involves exercise, dreams are crucial and monitoring may be exciting and amusing however obsessing over those numbers is surely counterproductive. 10,000 steps a day. 3,500 energy to be burned to lose a pound. These numbers are genuinely beneficial for statistic studies purposes. They’re now no longer genuinely supposed with the intention to comply with as a amazing strict set of guidelines.

If you show up consistently, that’s gonna mean so much more than the intensity of how hard you work out, how much weight you’re actually lifting, how many calories you’re burning. So forget about the numbers, especially while starting off. Focus on showing up, having a good time, and enjoying the process. The sad reality during this pandemic, at least for me, is I lost some of that joy in working out. And that’s why I was so excited to partner up with DeltaTrainer, which is a one-on-one remote personal training app that helped me reach my goals and it can help you do that as well.

From the first day, having a conversation with my trainer Nate about my goals, about my limitations, about my injuries, I was reinvigorated to start working out. Something for me that is gonna be tough, especially in the beginning, I have really bad delayed onset soreness. Tomorrow, I know I’m gonna be not be able to like open up my arms.

Repeated bout effect. Have you ever heard of that?

The reason why most athletes aren’t sore all the time, continuing to do things on the same muscle group typically allows those muscle groups to loosen up. So they’re like, yeah. So that’s why active recovery is a thing and it’s really helpful. And using the app was so simple. I downloaded it on my iPhone, pair it with my Apple Watch and boom, all the information’s right there on your wrist. And not only do you get unlimited workouts and plans and constant communication with your trainer,

you also get really good information about your rest times, how much weight you’ve done last time, what the order of the exercises are. Up next is 20 seconds of body weight singe leg deadlift.

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